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iPump Multi-Exercise Bar

iPump Multi-Exercise Bar


The iPump Bar – An All in One exercise bar featuring an innovative design, which allows a full round body work out, just about anywhere. The smart design allows for both male and female use, at any level of ability. This is not your average pull up bar, the iPump Bar features central close grip handles allowing you to position your hands to face each other as you pull, in turn, isolating and exercising the muscles within the middle of your back that help build size, fitness and strength, while conditioning the primary muscles responsible for keeping the spine erect for better all-day posture. Nothing on the market offers this variety of hand positions for a more thorough all body workout. The iPump Bar has been referred to as “the hottest product in years", However, there's much more to appreciate.....

The iPump Bar is the perfect solution to get in shape and build muscle at home. The iPump Bar has a total of 12 different grips to allow variation for your home exercise plan. This iPump Bar can also be used to assist in performing sit ups and other abdominal core exercises by placing the bar at the bottom of the door frame. Placing the iPump Bar at the base of a door opening creates an anchor for your feet, allowing you to perform sit-ups. The iPump Bar is designed to fit almost any residential door, with internal door frame dimensions between 24" and 32", supporting up to 295lbs. Deep push-ups and triceps dips can be performed with the iPump Bar by placing it in the stand alone position on the floor.

With just the iPump Bar you can strengthen your Core Muscles, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Fore-Arms, Chest and Shoulders all in the comfort and convenience of your own home. This piece of equipment will work your entire body! Exercise for just 15 minutes a day with this amazing piece of equipment and you will be amazed by the results!

Here Are Just Some Of The Exercises......

Door Frame Exercises

· Wide Grip Overhand Pull – Ups

· Medium Grip Overhand Pull-Ups

· Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups

· Medium Grip Underhand Pull-Ups

· Closed Grip Underhand Pull-Ups

· Switch Grip (arms Crossed) Pull-Ups

· Wide Parallel Grip Pull-Ups

· Medium Parallel Grip Pull-Ups

· Variety of Sit-Ups (lower door frame)

Stand Alone Exercises

· Wide Grip Full Push-Ups

· Medium Grip Full Push-Ups

· Closed Grip Full Push-Ups

· Wide Grip (On Knees) Push-Ups

· Medium Grip (On Knees) Push-Ups

· Closed Grip (On Knees) Push-Ups

· Standard Triceps Dips

· Exaggerated Triceps Dips (legs raised)

Please click below for Safety information.

iPump Safety Information (33,59 KB)

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